29. May, 2021

Chejov in Guatemala

Chejov is one of my opponents in the current ChessWorld tournament. I came across him in one of my first tournaments in 2014. He lives and works in Guatemala , Central America

I play chess for fun and love it ! I gather with friends Wednesdays for lunch and play chess while we enjoy the food and company. I also play 5 or 6 tournaments a year at the local Chess Federation and I hope one day to participate in the Chess World Olympics representing my country. But this will need most certaintly a lot of time and effort. I live in Guatemala City, work on my family business (a private school -elementary, middle and high school- as Administrative Director, and try to enjoy life as much as possible every day !

Diagram - I enjoyed playing through a recent checkmate game of his. In the middlegame, Chejov (White) to play

😎 Video - Beautiful Guatemala (4:47)