27. Apr, 2020

Chess and the Art of War

A year or so ago I was lucky to come across a copy of this book on sale.

2,500 years ago Sun Tzu wrote a military treatise called The Art of War. Since then, his teachings have been used not just by military tacticians but by business leaders, planners, traders, politicians, and even sports coaches.

Chess is not an easy game to learn, nor an easy game to master, even if you've been playing chess for years. In Chess and the Art of War author and chess teacher Al Lawrence and International Grandmaster Elshan Moradiabadi have studied Tzu and drawn on his philosophies to deliver 40 fascinating lessons organised into the opening, the middlegame, and the end game. Illustrated with extracts from classic chess games, the authors prove that playing by Sun Tzu's philosophies will make you a skilled opponent and a winning player.

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😎 Video - a cartoonist presents some teachings of Sun Tzu (11:47 min)

😎 Video - Game of the Day (3:22 min)