14. Oct, 2018

Strategy - trading queens

The queens are the most powerful pieces. Whenever we trade them, it's a major change in the position.
Knowing when to keep the queens on the board and when to exchange them is an important part of strategy.
In this section, we give some general rules on trading that are related to the ideas of material, safety and freedom.
The first step in deciding whether to exchange queens is to figure out how you stand in the game.
Are you ahead in material or behind ? Are you the attacker or the defender ? Once we know this, then the choice is often easy.

Winning Chess Strategy for Kids  p 76
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General rule: If you are ahead in material, trade queens; if you are not ahead in material, don't trade queens

😎  In this position White is ahead a bishop & a pawn, therefore Qxd5 is a good move. If it's Black's turn ...Qxf3 is not advisable as Black would struggle to match White in the moves ahead. A better move is ...Ne4